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May 1, 2018

On this episode Mandy talks with Candace Cameron Bure about her latest book, “Kind Is the New Classy”. Listen to this episode if you need some practical tips on handling your crazy life and dealing with close friends who differ from you.

Selected Links:

Candace's website

Kind Is the New Classy- The Power of Living Graciously


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" &


Show Notes:

:56 Mandy’s Introduction

3:43 Mandy and Candace

3:55 How Whoopi Goldberg helped on a hard day

5:45 Mamma Bear hugs have power

6:45 Going back to work with purpose

7:50 How do you maintain your energy with a crazy schedule

8:42 Practical advice for doing it all

10:00 Learning to say “no”

11:11 How to deal with friends who are different from you

13:18 Getting closure and being at peace

14:50 You can still be kind even though you don’t agree with people

15:30 What parenting lesson from Full House or Fuller House do you use in real life

16:10 What’s it like to kiss other men who aren’t your husband
18:20 How do you create fun in your life

19:30 How do you stay present in the moment while doing so much

21:03 What is most critical to making it all work as a mother