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Apr 24, 2018

Francie and her husband decided to try an experiment. How would their home life change if they got rid of their T.V.? Francie shares the details of what a life minus Game of Thrones looks like. Listen to this if your home feels chaotic, you are tired of yelling at your kids and want to have more fun with them, you feel distracted all the time, or you feel like you have no margin to do the things you love.

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Francie's website 



Show Notes:

1:03 Mandy’s Introduction

4:20 Are you breathing just a little

4:40 Introduction of Francie Winslow

5:20 Mandy and Francie start talking about getting rid of the TV

6:55 Earthquakes in D.C.

7:45 What to do about family members who "need" TV

8:58 What are the biggest differences you've seen from getting rid of the TV

10:35 Do your kids get along better without TV

11:30 Are movies bad for your kids

13:00 Was your husband on board for this?

13:55 What about phones and other tech in your house

15:45 What are the motives for my use of technology

16:45 Taking a week off from reading anything

17:20 How to respond to people who say kids need technology early to adapt to it

18:45 Why does Francie’s husband ask permission to use his phone

20:10 What’s the best advice you never got

21:25 Rhythms of rest

22:46 3 Practical tips for recalibrating tech in the house