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Apr 3, 2019


Don't miss this one... Mandy reads the first chapter of her new book "Have More Fun". This episode is filled with stories that will move and inspire you to be remarkable, stop feeling stuck and start enjoying life!


Selected Links:

Pick up your copy of Have More Fun

Download the first chapter of the book on: Mandy's Website


Show Notes:

0:25 Introduction

0:57 Joe talking with Mandy

1:30 Backstory behind the scenes for the Theme reveal for MOPS

2:35 Why was Joe crying (aside from ninjas chopping onions)

3:52 What prompted Mandy to write this book

4:30 Challenging Mandy to "Have More Fun"

5:15 What kind of impact has the book had on Mandy in everyday life

4:59 PRACTICAL TIP about your wifi

6:40 Glow in the dark tennis

9:10 Chapter 1