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Apr 10, 2018

Listen to this episode if you are in need of some creative ways to bring peace to the world around you. Mandy talks with Osheta Moore about having adventures, being a peace maker and raising world citizens. Osheta's infectious  laugh and practical tips will inspire you to be a peacemaker in your everyday life.

Selected Links:

"Shalom Sistas: Living Wholeheartedly in a Brokenhearted World"

"The Very Good Gospel' by Lisa Sharon Harper

The Meeting House Kids Curriculum

"When God Made You" by Matthew Paul Turner


Show Notes:

1:01 Introduction

4:03 Introducing Osheta Moore

7:53 Hold my purse, hold my earrings

9:35 Shalom sistas

12:45 Flourishing where I am

13:40 How to handle being called the “n” word at school

15:50 How to teach your kids to be compassionate in a world that is scary and aggressive

18:15 Amazing trick to tell better stories

19:38 How to call out the beauty in other people

21:15 Why does this only work in the car

21:55 Osheta has an a’ha moment

22:45 People are more important that theological and political positions

24:01 How to create shared experiences one-on-one

26:50 Encouraging others

27:50 Using peoples' names for good

28:20 How to raise world citizens

31:55 What is the best advise you never got

34:40 Resources for moms, ministry leaders, and kiddos

36:30 all about Shalom Sistas

37:25 Do you have any peacemaking failures

39:45 Crockpot and netflix