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Jul 10, 2018


In this episode Mandy talks with Shannon Miles about multi-tasking, the time she met Richard Branson, and how to be a working mom in a new way. Listen in if you want to get back into the workforce, want to work for yourself or long for more flexibility in your job.


Selected Links:

Shannon’s Instagram

Shannon’s website

Shannon’s book


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" &


Show Notes:

0:53 Introduction

3:08 That time you met Richard Branson

5:33 If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough

7:28 I feel exhausted and also feel like I’m not doing enough

8:19 Why is it so hard to ask for help as women

10:06 What is a Third Option

13:43 Tell us how you started your company and won the “The Best Company Culture” award from Entrepreneur Magazine

15:55 Pursuing full-time work from home

16:48 The challenges of being a working mom

17:36 Staying Present

18:44 Not overbooking (plan to be present)

19:22 Tell us about your book and how it looks different for different women

20:52 Just decide

21:10 Do something about it

22:07 What is success to you- You can have it all

23:46 Where can people get more info about Belay and 3rd Option

24:38 What is the best advice you never got

26:20 How do you cultivate more fun in your life