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Mar 27, 2018

In this episode Mandy and her brother Charley talk with their mom Cindy, and Cindy’s best friend Jodi about how to find a best friend, be a good friend and develop framily. Listen to this if you are longing for deep friendship, want practical ideas on how to create meaningful moments, or want to hear personal and hilarious stories about life-long friendship. Just in case you were wondering, this is Mandy’s favorite episode ever.

Selected Links:

Charley's Instagram: A Dude's Life

Charley's CrossFit Gym: Fallbrook CrossFit


Music by: Philip E Morris - "Sunshine Blue Skies" &

Show Notes:

1:20 Introduction

5:30 True Friends

8:24 It takes a lot of work to be/have a friend

10:15 The constant in long-time friends

13:11 Framily- how do you have friendships that feel more like family than friends?

15:12 Social media and friendship

15:39 We get interrupted

18:45 Just make it so

20:30 Be sincere

21:40 The importance of respect in relationships

23:55 Staying connected to your siblings (Charley gives Mandy a hard time)

24:54 Assigned seating and roles

26:55 Who says lavatory anymore

28:20 Stories from when Cindy and Jodi first met (How it all started)

29:05 What do you do when your close friend is dying

32:30 Both are giving 80% and taking 20%

34:25 Best advice I never got- from Cindy

36:14 3 practical tips to have better/closer friends in your life

39:13 Give yourself permission to be a friend

42:08 Who is your best friend?

43:50 Don’t take it too seriously

45:30 Legacy of Love

45:40 What have we learned

48:40 Take people on a tour of your messy house