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Jun 5, 2018

In this episode Mandy talks with Jennifer Fulwiler about doing it all, defining success, and how to pursue your passion while raising a family. Listen in if you feel guilty about working, or needing help, or if you feel like you are overanalyzing all your decisions and want more freedom to really live.

Selected Links:

Jennifer's new book

Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" &

Show Notes:

1:05 Introduction (some notes on Theodore Roosevelt)

5:59 Mandy and Jennifer Fulwiler

6:15 How to navigate it all

8:22 When the life you need is not the one you’d choose

9:50 Overfed and Undernourished

10:53 How was life as parents different for our grandparents (decision fatigue)

13:02 The benefit of getting up before your kids

15:30 Asking for help when you need it (find what works for this season for YOU)

17:00 How do you ask for what you want

18:58 If it feels like life’s hard, the problem is not you

20:30 Where the title “One Beautiful Dream” comes from

22:04 What matters at the end of our lives

23:03 Being open to unexpected opportunities

27:50 What is the best advice you never got

32:15 How do you cultivate more fun in your life