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Oct 30, 2018


In this episode Mandy talks with Jessica Honegger about how a pawn shop and adoption led her to start the most successful fair-trade jewelry company in the world. Also, why it’s important to value long-term efforts over short-term results.


Selected Links:

Jessica’s Website

Jessica’s Instagram

Noonday Collection

Jessica’s latest book



Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" &


Show Notes:

1:12 Introduction- Rest, Work and Play

2:01 Women prioritizing work over rest and play

2:30 Why are men and boys the way they are

3:53 Introducing Jessica Honegger

4:33 Starting the largest fair trade jewelry company in the world

4:57 How to keep moving forward in spite of your fears

5:08 The misconception of courage

5:38 Is courage accessible to all of us?

6:30 The only way around our fears is through them

7:35 The “What if“ fears that come up

8:25 Vulnerability is being able to take a risk without being tied to the outcome

8:55 I’d rather die trying than not try at all

9:20 Why is it so tempting to “bubble wrap” our lives

10:15 I can do the best job I can as a mom and my kids can still end up in jail someday

10:45 The freedom of realizing I’m not in control

11:30 My very first trunk show… how it all started

12:20 Sometimes our desperation leads to our most courageous acts

13:00 When we are convinced that no one will show up

13:40 We really do want to show up for each other

14:26 Walking compassionately

14:45 Ambassador community of Noonday Collection

15:04 Courage is contagious

15:30 Confirming the bias we want

16:37 It’s a journey

16:57 The LIE of insta-success

17:40 You can’t google your life’s purpose

18:30 How all the “random crazy things” connect

19:30 Intrinsic and extrinsic motivational forces

20:24 What you are doing matters and has purpose

20:36 What tips do you have for women entrepreneurs

21:00 Believe in what you are doing and it’s got to be connected to your purpose

21:39 You have to take the long view over the short term pain

22:44 There’s a waiting that is expectant… you’ve just to keep at it

23:48 Thoughts for someone who’s got big dreams but feels stuck

24:38 There’s just nothing that’s going to give you proof that there will be success… you just have to move

24:50 Test the market and have the conversations

25:25 What to do if you are interested in becoming a Noonday Ambassador

26:49 What’s the best advice you never got

27:12 What are you doing in your life right now to cultivate more fun



Fear can be in the car, but it can’t be in the driver’s seat

Sometimes our desperation leads to our most courageous acts

Courage is contagious

Insta-success is a LIE

There’s a waiting that is expectant

Popsicles are a viable meal for lunch