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Jan 10, 2019


In this episode Mandy talks with Rafa Robert about love, money and dragons.


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brightpeak financial

Love and Money Podcast

Text "moneybetter" to 31996 for free resources

Book: Happy Money

The Paper Bag Princess Book


Music by:

Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" &


Show Notes:

1:00 Introduction- The Paper Bag Princess
4:50 Recognizing what matters in life
5:41 Introducing Rafa Robert
6:25 Amazon Prime and the 2 Day Cooling off period
6:52 What's the best tip for managing the small financial decisions
7:26 Fast brain vs. Slow brain
8:12 Living within your means matters most
8:25 How much should I spend on a house and car
9:30 Have a plan
10:50 What advice do you have for couple who have different spending styles
11:28 We are designed differently to help us out
12:06 We have different values and priorities
12:36 What to do to approach to topic of money in a relationship
13:25 The FUN fund
14:20 Joint account vs. separate accounts (what does the research say?)
15:44 50+ years of research says this...
16:17 Be one team (God's money and our money... not your money, my money)
17:20 What are you seeing with people with debt
18:35 What's one conversation about money that couples are not having
19:10 Understanding our spouse's "why" behind financial decisions
20:12 When the "How" feels different
21:07 How our beliefs about money as parents influence our kids
21:33 More is caught than taught
22:14 The relationship with money is much more practical
23:11 More may not make us happy
23:50 Training our kids on money
25:12 How to live off 20% of your income
25:30 Challenging the perspective of "The More I Give, The Less I Have"
25:47 How does generosity impact the financial health of families
26:30 Well Being
26:44 Can you say you feel like you have enough for your family and life
28:15 The correlation between generosity and health
28:45 Where do you start when a couple has different beliefs about money and giving
30:36 Take the small wins and focus on the positives
31:15 Same Page Small Steps vs. Doing it right With One Person On Board
32:01 What does living a remarkable life look like for you
34:35 What we remember from our childhood
35:10 What is the best advice you never got
37:13 What are you doing currently to have more fun
38:10 Being the embarrassing dad (a.k.a. being cringy)
38:55 When dads playing soccer pull hamstrings
39:50 The new scoreboard for dad soccer
40:20 Giving different advice on the sideline
41:02 What is next for you and "Love and Money"
43:15 Be and unbeatable team, and make space to live within our means so we can give and save and live.