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Nov 28, 2018


In this episode Mandy talks with Lisa Leonard about building a successful company, what to do when your marriage is falling apart, and how to bravely change up the rules you have for yourself.


Selected Links:

Lisa’s Instagram

Lisa’s new book

Lisa’s company

Lisa’s favorite piece right now


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" &


Show Notes:

1:15 Introduction- Emotional Labor

2:47 Does this sound familiar

3:30 Freed up to Have More Fun

4:15 Introducing Lisa Leonard

4:59 Lisa Leonard

5:10 The Red Cereal Bowl

6:10 When growing up means you stop wanting things

6:30 About Lisa’s company

6:50 How it all started

8:21 Blowing up the business

8:55 When business takes a toll on your soul

9:15 We have a problem

9:35 When you don’t want to wear your own jewelry

10:00 I couldn’t continue

10:58 What did you learn from leaving

11:57 If I could have anything I wanted and needed what would that be

12:50 How do you simplify dinner

13:48 What would you tell the person who is trying to do it all and is about to lose it at any moment

14:18 Make space for quiet (even if just 10 minutes)

15:15 The scary stuff that emerges

15:45 What did you do to recalibrate in your marriage

16:15 Working through the hard stuff

17:10 Avoiding conflict for so long… I was terrified

18:28 Raising kids with special needs

19:30 Adoring our kids exactly as they are

20:40 What message would you give to other moms raising kids with special needs

21:21 I feel like I’m asking for the moon and people are rising to help

22:28 Don’t underestimate the power your kids have

22:41 The Brave Love Manifesto

23:38 Taking the bigger half of cake (I also deserve good things)

24:08 Say what I really think even if my knees shake and my voice cracks

25:00 What does living a remarkable life look like to you

25:45 What is the best advice you never got

27:44 What are you doing right now to cultivate more fun

28:17 Taking a nap is fun

29:25 What’s your favorite piece in the Lisa Leonard Designs store right now