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Oct 16, 2018


In this episode Mandy talks with Ben Higgins from Season 20 of the Bachelor about his favorite moment from behind the scenes, they also discuss airplane etiquette, why he wears a retainer every night, along with Ben’s favorite practice for decompressing after a crazy day and his new adventure leading Generous Coffee.


Selected Links:

Ben’s Instagram

Ben’s Podcast Almost Famous

Ben’s other podcast Lady Bosses (and Ben)

Generous Coffee



Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" &


Show Notes:

1:04 Introduction- An irresistible application to NYU

3:40 What makes this essay so unexpected is that it disrupted the system

4:08 Sometimes life requires disrupting the system

4:22 Ben Higgins introduction

5:00 Don’t miss Mandy and Ben’s Carpool Karaoke at

5:31 What was the most memorable moment on the Bachelor

6:45 What does pig poop have to do with getting sick

7:30 Seeing the human side of your future spouse

7:57 Wearing retainers every night

9:01 Tips for dealing with negative feedback

11:14 I don’t know if I’m doing all of this correctly

12:30 Generous Coffee- How’d it get started and how did you get involved

14:59 Humanity Hope United

17:00 If you drink coffee, why not make it life changing

17:57 Following Jesus is holy and deep, but also fun and takes us places we would never expect

18:15 What is Jesus showing you now

19:18 When God won’t allow us to leave Him

20:00 What to do when people take their shoes off in an airplane

22:30 How to enter and exit a plane properly

24:30 What to do when you don’t want to talk on a plane

25:44 Rapid Fire

25:45 Favorite thing that happened to you this past week

27:16 Last time you cried

28:50 Favorite Room in your house

32:45 Jesus, my pipe and bourbon

34:08 Did you get an offer to be on the Bachelor this next season?

35:22 What is the last thing you cooked

35:49 What’s one thing career wise that you haven’t had a chance to do yet

36:55 What is the best advice you never got