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May 8, 2018

In this episode Mandy talks with Amanda Inchaustegui about dealing with criticism, how to be empowered in your everyday life, and the one thing healthy people do. Listen to this episode if you want tricks for living your best life, are desperate for more joy and are ready to get curious about what is holding you back.

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Amanda's site


Show Notes:

  :43 Introduction

1:42 Be occasionally remarkable

3:00 Do a few things well

3:28 Introducing Amanda

4:14 Where do we start to get what we want

4:44 Why complaints are important

7:40 What are you tolerating

11:15 Holding space for people to give an account

13:30 How to step into empowered space

14:30 Dealing with loss of pregnancy

18:31 Recognizing Rackets

18:40 Look good, feel good, be right and in control

20:50 How to deal with people who irritate you

22:25 How to self evaluate when you are running a racket

22:30 What are the behaviors and beliefs that reinforce our complaints

27:10 Taking on responsibility I shouldn’t

29:45 Committing to calm (how powerful are our brains)

32:21 What is the superhero trick we all have

33:01 How to deal with feedback

34:48 Perception is everything

35:40 Getting feedback from our kids

38:09 Coaching tips from a pro

39:30 Get curious about vision before “going there”

41:15 Being detached from the noticing

41:40 Dealing with hard feedback

45:06 What is the best advice you never got