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Mar 14, 2018

Listen to this if you want an excuse to practice hygge, are interested in how to have a home people want to be at, or want practical tips for communicating with your kids. In this episode Krista Gilbert shares her ideas on reclaiming home, traditions and childhood along with offering ideas on the neuroscience of soul care and the importance of knowing the two things that help kids thrive.

Selected Links:

Krista’s New Book- Reclaiming Home: The Family's Guide for Life, Love and Legacy

Krista’s website

Meaning in a Minute Facebook Page

World Happiness Report

JH Ranch

Camp Spalding



Show Notes:

1:20    Introduction

1:45    Annual World Happiness Report

3:46    The Practice of Hygge and Danish Culture

5:40    Introducing Krista Gilbert

6:45    Where did the book come from

9:25    Show me how to do this thing called family

11:39 Home is the safest place in the world

12:05 How to create the sense of home when you don’t know where to start

12:50  How to make people feel accepted

14:38  The art of being fully engaged

14:53  Communication- bridging the gap

16:06  It’s not the words, it’s how you say them

16:33  Why is knowing our family history so important?

18:55  The stability of belonging

19:30  The two most important things that help kids thrive

20:30  Homemade gifts

22:45  Letting go of perfection

23:20  Meaning in a minute- something is better than nothing

26:10  How do you create a sense of contentment?

28:00  Neuroscience and soul care

31:00  Finding my spaces to get out

33:24  What is the best advice you never got?

34:40  Is that your tattoo

35:00  3 practical tips for reclaiming home

42:15  The importance of self-evaluation

43:15 I forgot I’m the parent


*** Special note ***

The newest World Happiness Report was published on March 14, 2018. Here is the link- By the way, Denmark is still in the top three, beat out by Finland and Norway. The US dropped 4 spots to number 18. World Happiness Day is March 20th.